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Amy + Stephen = Married!

I met Amy in the Mission on Friday. She was getting ready at a friend’s house in the Mission… we went outside and took a couple of pictures, and then somehow ended up in a bar – yeah. The bartender and patrons were awesome – dishing out congrats, warnings, and advice for the bride to be. We then progressed to Fort Mason where guests and groom were congregating. I was struck by how grounded and chill both Amy and Stephen were throughout the day. The wedding was a blast. The musician, whom they discovered at the Old Oakland Farmer’s Market, was off the hook. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page3.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page4.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page1.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page5.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page2.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page6.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page7.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page3.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page8.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page9.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page10.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page11.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page4.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page12.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page13.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page14.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page15.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page21.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page22.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page5.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page23.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page24.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page7.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page25.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page9.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page26.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page10.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page27.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page8.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page28.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page11.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page29.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page30.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page16.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page20.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page17.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-vert-Page6.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page18.jpg amy-stephen-wedding-hor-Page19.jpg

  • Auntie Dawn - Great Pictures, great couple, great weekend, great companyJune 3, 2010 – 11:21 am

  • Patti Marquardt - Stephen and Amy make a great couple. Thanks for capturing their playful spirits and love of family. Great wedding filled with family and friends. Loved the musician and dancing. Can’t wait to see more photos. – Patti, Rob, Jack and KatieJune 3, 2010 – 5:44 pm

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