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An Epic Adventure. Saline Valley Wedding. Part 3.

So much pork, and love, and goodness.  The two days after the wedding people packed up and started the long journey home.  A few friends and family members remained.  On Monday my sister, Sam from New York, Alex, Pepper (Alex’s mom), and I went on a crazy hike that I hadn’t realized I had been wanting to go on for years.  We hiked over cinder cone, granite boulders, river rocks, and sandy desert.

I got a little photo making in on Tuesday when I visited the family we met out there who were living out of their bus and tipi.  Had fun chatting with them and taking pictures.  Zelda was eager to get back to camp, but it was great to see how simply they lived and to watch the kids playing games with toy trucks and dirt.

The weather was so nice that we were tempted to stay through Thanksgiving, even though we had decided to spend the holiday at home for the first time in 7 years… and then the skies turned, and we figured it best to get out while we could.  We spent a much of the day Wednesday packing up our camp and the bits and pieces people had left behind.  We stopped by the lower springs to drop off some food with the tipi family.  The clouds were dropping fast, the wind was starting to blow, and a few drops of rain began to fall as we hit the road.  Our exhausted kids quickly fell asleep.  On the pass out of the valley snow was falling.  We spent the night in roadside motel in Bakersfield and drove directly to our friend Carli’s parents’ house in San Jose for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Gabriel Pics_0348 Gabriel Pics_0353 Gabriel Pics_0356 Gabriel Pics_0358 Gabriel Pics_0363 Gabriel Pics_0367 Gabriel Pics_0373 Gabriel Pics_0374 Gabriel Pics_0380 Gabriel Pics_0386 Gabriel Pics_0389 Gabriel Pics_0394 Gabriel Pics_0397 Gabriel Pics_0401 Gabriel Pics_0409 Gabriel Pics_0411 Gabriel Pics_0413 Gabriel Pics_0418 Gabriel Pics_0433 Gabriel Pics_0434 Gabriel Pics_0439 Gabriel Pics_0443 Gabriel Pics_0449 Gabriel Pics_0458 Gabriel Pics_0461 Gabriel Pics_0466 Gabriel Pics_0469
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  • Susan Geddes - I love and am amazed with your photos…every picture tells a story! Thank you for sharing your love and making Loretta so happy as well as bringing such beautiful children into your world of happiness! Beautiful thank you for sharingJanuary 30, 2016 – 5:04 am

  • Tara Bodin - LOVE it!!!! Love you!!!!February 25, 2016 – 5:37 am

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