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Angela + Robert = Married!

I have to say… I am a sucker for City Hall weddings. San Francisco City hall is just so beautiful. Angela and Robert, after 10 years, decided to tie the knot. Heck yeah! Here are some images. Enjoy!

vert-Page11.jpg hor-Page38.jpg hor-Page36.jpg vert-Page12.jpg hor-Page40.jpg hor-Page41.jpg hor-Page42.jpg hor-Page43.jpg hor-Page44.jpg hor-Page55.jpg vert-Page13.jpg hor-Page46.jpg hor-Page47.jpg hor-Page37.jpg hor-Page39.jpg hor-Page48.jpg hor-Page49.jpg hor-Page50.jpg vert-Page14.jpg vert-Page15.jpg hor-Page51.jpg hor-Page52.jpg hor-Page53.jpg hor-Page54.jpg

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