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Caire + Jake | Fairfax Engagement

Claire, Jake and I met at one of my favorite ice cream spots in the Bay Area, the Scoop, in Fairfax. I lived in Fairfax for about a year in 1982 after leaving Upstate New York and before moving to Amherst, Mass. Fairfax is an awesome little town. I love that it has retained its funkiness and charm over the years. Our first stop was Deer Park where there are tons of huge trees and hiking trails. From Deer Park, we headed into town, encountered some classic and entertaining people, took more pictures, and finished the evening with a bit of ice cream. Fun times!

claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0016.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0002.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0003.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0004.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0005.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0006.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0007.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0008.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0009.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0010.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0011.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0012.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0013.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0014.JPG claire-jake-fairfax-CA-engagement0015.JPG

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