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Genevieve + Ryan | Tahoe Wedding Photographer

If you check out the post below, you will see pictures of the night before Genevieve and Ryan’s big day.

My buddy and second shooter, Hardy Wilson, and I started the day out right. We went to the Fire Side Cafe in Tahoe City, for a hearty dose of calories. From there we did a little scouting mission at Plump Jack to find some good spots for group shots. And then, considering our timeline, we decided to up the calorie count, and we proceeded to have a couple of super sandwiches in Squaw Valley (can’t remember the name of the place). Although it seemed excessive at the time, I was glad for the calorie fest. For ten plus hours, we shot what turned out to be one of the most ruckus wedding parties of the year. The night may have ended with the photographers getting down on the dance floor, but that might be a rumor.

It should be mentioned that event planner, Stephanie Anderson, of One Fine Day was a delight to work with and did a knock up job on the event coordination.

Much fun was had by all. It was a great end to the wedding year.

Happy Holiday, and be safe.

Enjoy the pics!

tahoe_wedding_horizontal41.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal25.jpg tahoe_wedding_vert.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal26.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal27.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal28.jpg tahoe_wedding_vert2.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal29.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal30.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal31.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal32.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal33.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal34.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal35.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal36.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal37.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal38.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal39.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal40.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal42.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal43.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal44.jpg

The following 3 pictures were taken by Hardy. In case you are wondering what the guys are doing with the dice… playing Dice Eyes of course.

tahoe_wedding_horizontal45.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal46.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal47.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal48.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal49.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal50.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal51.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal52.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal53.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal54.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal55.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal56.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal57.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal58.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal59.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal60.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal61.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal62.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal63.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal64.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal65.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal66.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal67.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal68.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal69.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal70.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal71.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal72.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal73.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal74.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal75.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal76.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal77.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal78.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal79.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal80.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal81.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal82.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal83.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal84.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal85.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal87.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal88.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal89.jpg tahoe_wedding_horizontal86.jpg

  • Stephanie Anderson - Such a treat to work with you guys! I do believe that rumor about the photographers on the dance floor is true!!! The photos turned out amazing – great work!!!!January 2, 2011 – 11:11 pm

  • Timothy - Nice capture of the day. I love winter weddings. What’s with the hot tub part? People just around the area?January 13, 2011 – 3:29 pm

  • Dubnoff Wedding Photography - One of the most impressive things about these wedding photographs are the detail shots. Nice eye for details. I love that kind of stuff.August 16, 2011 – 10:52 pm

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