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Marin + JP | Nevada City Photographer | Empire Mine Wedding

When the weather forecast called for almost certain rain on Marin and JP’s wedding day, Marin wrote me a hopefully optimistic email.  She said she had purchased some umbrellas and added, “As my Nana used to say ‘I’m not made of sugar, I’m not going to melt!'”  As luck would have it, it rained and hailed, but just at the perfect times.  The skies were moody and wild and nobody melted at the Empire Mine in Grass Valley were the wedding ceremony took place.  After the ceremony we went to the Miner’s Foundry in Nevada City where storm clouds graced us as the setting sun painted the sky with touches of pink and orange.  Between Farm to Table Catering and Marin and JP, the wedding coordination for this lovely affair was by far the most organized that I have encountered.  Marin and JP are off the chart as far as craftiness.  They sourced the meat for the wedding from their friends’ farm (Skyelark Ranch), made the wine and beer, wedding dress, and so many other details themselves.  I set up a photo station for a little self service portraiture, and was reminded how fun this is (and a great way to get more pics of guests). I feel so stoked to have been a part of this wedding!  

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  • Julian Adair - Beautiful, personal, touching, glorious wedding. Fantastic photos and congratulation to this amazing couple. Love you tons and wish you decades of love light and peace….October 10, 2016 – 11:59 am

  • Mary Jill Anderson - Ms. Marin,
    Your wedding was as classy as I recal you are darling!! I’m shocked that you had the courage to make your dress !!! And in awe of the quality of your work darling !!! Your mother was kind enough to sent my a close up and it drapes your behind like butter and the fit is exquisite!! I am honored by your skill and obvious love of sewing !!! I am so proud of the hours you have obviously dedicated to perfecting your talent !! Welcome to ranks of us creators of beauty in our world !!! WELL DONE BEAUTIFUL ,
    on so many levels !!!
    Much love and respect forever !!!
    Mary JillOctober 10, 2016 – 2:38 pm

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