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Meredith + Theron + the gang | Band Camp | Family Photography

Meredith and Theron met in high school, fell in love, and started a family. Meredith said they had no real plan to have a big family. They just did what felt right for them – which would be 6 kiddos. The kids all play music. Meredith and Theron parent with such grace and ease, they sort of make you feel like it must be easy doing what they do. And as a parent of two, I know it is not so easy. They asked me to take some pictures of their gang at this music camp that I have been going to for the last 10 years… and how could I say no. They are such a loving and fun family and to take pictures of them at a place that is so special was a real treat.   

mccullar-family-photography.jpg mccullar-family-photography2.jpg mccullar-family-photography3.jpg mccullar-family-photography4.jpg mccullar-family-photography5.jpg mccullar-family-photography6.jpg mccullar-family-photography7.jpg mccullar-family-photography8.jpg mccullar-family-photography9.jpg mccullar-family-photography10.jpg mccullar-family-photography11.jpg mccullar-family-photography12.jpg mccullar-family-photography13.jpg mccullar-family-photography14.jpg

  • Theresa - These pics are soooo wonderful!August 13, 2012 – 4:40 pm

  • Lucia - I love how you capture the beautiful spirit of every person in your pics.August 14, 2012 – 3:31 pm

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