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Part two. Here are some pictures from the wild wild (yes, 2 wilds) country of Morocco. Lots of stories. For right now just pictures. Enjoy!  Click here for the Italy portion of our adventure.

italy-morocco-Page6.jpg italy-morocco2-Page40.jpg italy-morocco2-Page34.jpg italy-morocco2-Page33.jpg italy-morocco2-Page41.jpg italy-morocco2-Page32.jpg italy-morocco-Page9.jpg italy-morocco2-Page36.jpg italy-morocco-Page11.jpg italy-morocco2-Page37.jpg italy-morocco-Page12.jpg italy-morocco2-Page39.jpg italy-morocco2-Page43.jpg italy-morocco2-Page38.jpg italy-morocco-Page10.jpg italy-morocco-Page13.jpg italy-morocco2-Page42.jpg italy-morocco2-Page35.jpg italy-morocco2-Page51.jpg italy-morocco-Page8.jpg italy-morocco2-Page49.jpg italy-morocco2-Page47.jpg italy-morocco2-Page44.jpg italy-morocco2-Page48.jpg italy-morocco2-Page45.jpg italy-morocco-Page7.jpg italy-morocco2-Page46.jpg

  • Christina Adams - WOW! It does look WILD!March 24, 2010 – 3:28 pm

  • Alexander Folien - Very beautiful pictures. Especially the ones at the ocean. I am just on the way to become a better photographer.April 13, 2010 – 2:13 am

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