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Pamela + Jimmy | Saratoga | Villa Montalvo Wedding

Pamela and Jimmy’s Villa Montalvo wedding with Plumed Horse reception last weekend was fantastic. Pamela, Jimmy, and all their friends and family were super fun. Being a naturally early riser, I was stoked that their ceremony was in the morning (even made poached eggs, bacon, toast, and espresso before leaving for the shoot). Here’s a quick overview. Enjoy!

saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding2.jpg villa-montalvo-wedding.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding3.jpg saratoga-villa-montalvo-wedding.jpg saratoga-villa-montalvo-wedding2.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding4.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding8.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding5.jpg saratoga-villa-montalvo-wedding3.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding6.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding7.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding9.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding11.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding10.jpg saratoga-villa-montalvo-wedding4.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding12.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding13.jpg saratoga-villa-montalvo-wedding5.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding14.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding15.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding17.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding18.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding19.jpg saratoga-asian-montalvo-wedding16.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception.jpg saratoga-villa-montalvo-wedding6.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception11.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception2.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception12.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception10.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception13.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception14.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception17.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception15.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception3.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception6.jpg saratoga-villa-montalvo-wedding7.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception4.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception5.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception7.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception8.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception9.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception16.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception18.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception19.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception20.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception21.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception22.jpg saratoga-plumed-horse-wedding-reception23.jpg

  • hui - I ♥ this wedding.June 2, 2011 – 5:09 pm

  • Jennifer - beautiful photos! i’ve been waiting so long to see them… really creative bridesmaid dresses w/ diff designs, and i loved pamela’s dress!! what an elegant wedding, and the cake ties out the theme to the invitations so well. kudos to you & may this beautiful wedding kick out the most special journey ahead for the two of youJune 2, 2011 – 8:49 pm

  • Laura - I absolutely adore the photos of the wedding ceremony/reception. It really portrays the beauty and the love of both Pamela and Jimmy have for each other. I look forward to making a trip out there to Cali. When I do, I’ll be honored to meet the guy who makes Pamela happy! =) I hope you both have a wonderful adventure in life together!June 3, 2011 – 1:55 am

  • joan petersen - Wonderful photos! Best wishes for a long, peaceful marriage.
    Tristan’s MomJune 3, 2011 – 1:59 pm

  • Nozomi - LOVE the kissing one 🙂June 4, 2011 – 4:10 pm

  • Holly - Pamela,

    Janice shared the link for your wedding pictures with me…they are AMAZING! I am so thrilled that you had peonies for your wedding…they are heavenly and fit right in with your color scheme!

    Best wishes to you and Jimmy for a happy, loving and peaceful life together! I hope to see you guys if you ever head back to Hanover for reunions…

    HATJune 6, 2011 – 5:40 am

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