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When I suggested that Alice and Chris do their cake cutting and first dance on the deck at the German Tourist Club in Oakland (also known as Nature Friends), they pondered for a moment, and then went into action.  The light was beautiful and the air temperature perfect to be outside.  It was just too nice to move the party indoors.

These two fabulous people decided to plan a wedding on a shoe string budget.  Pot luck, ipod, DIY everything.  Somehow they pulled it off with grace and style.  They had a friend roast a pig onsite, another friend set up a photo booth (that worked really well), a relative did a cheese spread to die for, Alice’s dress was an online purchase that required just one alteration, they had great drinks and an excellent selection of beer.  The potluck was super good and very well organized.  All the great DIY touches aside, their celebration was sweet and fun.  I had so much fun shooting this wedding.

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Well dang nabit, I am late to the “sum up your 2013” game.  But I figure as long as January is still here, I am good to go.  My 2013 was pretty great I have to say.

In high school, I was always last out of the starting blocks when I ran the 100 yard dash, but once I was up a running, I did nothing but pick up speed.  That pretty much sums up last year for me.  Slow start – strong finish.

I pushed myself to try new things and continue to grow my art and get more artsy.  I made an effort to get out and connect with other people in the photography world.  I tried to shoot more for myself.  I got my work published.  I laughed really hard during few toast.  I worked with fantastic people.

I really wanted to get my new years/ family card done earlier than 2012, which I am pleased to say was achieved.

The images below are a collection of 100 wedding and engagement images from last year.  I hope you enjoy them.  I sure had fun making them.

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