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When I first started talking with Molly and Jake about photographing their wedding, it was a good sized affair that they were planning.  At a certain point in their process, they decided that the wedding that they had been planning was not the wedding that they wanted… so they shifted their focus.  They decided that they wanted to get married somewhere hilly with beautiful views.  They wanted just a small group of friends and family, killer food, and to keep things simple.  So when I got to Fort Mason to catch the shuttle to Trojan Point on Mount Tam, I was not surprised to see a school bus pull up to take us to the top of the mountain.  With smiles on our faces, we all boarded the bus.  Jake did roll call.  Once we arrived at Trojan Point we walked out to the point and were greeted by views of Marin, San Francisco, and the Pacific Ocean.  The cool breeze balanced the warmth of the day.  Molly and Jake’s ceremony was bursting with heart.  After the ceremony we travelled back to Fort Mason to the restaurant, Greens.  The staff there was absurdly nice, and the food exquisite.  Elizabeth Clayton of Lowe House Creative made sure that all the details of the day were taken care of.  Belle Flower of Oakland did the flowers.  And Molly made the chocolate chip cookies.  It was a beautiful, intimate, and personal wedding.  I feel so honored to have been apart of it.  Congrats Molly and Jake!

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Molly and Jake started out their wedding planning and quickly found themselves totally overwhelmed by the size and complexity of it. They tossed around different options and then decided to make it easy on themselves. They cut their guest list down and hired the ever so talented Elizabeth Clayton to help them plan and organize the whole thing. It is so nice when complex problems can be made simple.

I met Molly and Jake at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. It just so happens that Molly and I went to the same high school. We chatted about high school, kids, work, and weddings. I look forward to their small wedding on Mount Tam.

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