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Great people, beautiful places, fun times, lots of love, laughter, and joy, excellent food and music… 2015 was a good year.

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First comes love, then comes marriage?  Sometimes.  But increasingly, people (including myself) approach love, children, and relationships in whatever way suit their wants, needs, and life style.  Like many of the people I work with, Stacey and Monti have been together for years (10 years).  They were introduced by the bride’s uncle and decided they liked each other and wanted to start a family.  So they did.  They have two adorable boys.  Recently they decided to get married, and started planning a big wedding.  Shortly into their planning, they decided that a big wedding was not for them, and opted to elope.  Joined by a small handful of friends and family, they had a sweet San Francisco City Hall wedding with a big party scheduled on their original wedding date.

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