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Thanksgiving Camping | Death Valley National Park | Saline Valley Warm Springs

This year I outfitted our little truck, El Burro or Burrito, with some helper springs. Since I tend to load the living daylight out of our little Mazda Pickup, and have gotten flats the last couple of years and drive with the rear end far too close to the road, I figured it was time. The helper springs fixed the sagging rear problem, and the tire upgrade made for a flat free journey. I made some modifications to the inside of the pickup so that Zelda and Ellis were facing each other and had a little more room. This last adjustment also gave us more room in the front. We also borrowed my mother’s Cabela’s Tent this year (thanks mom)… which was awesome. With the extra wee one, it was so nice having extra room in the tent.

As usual the days leading up to our departure were filled to the brim, and preparations and shopping took twice as long as we thought (we really knew it would take forever). We usually have high aspirations of getting out of the house at the crack of dawn, but usually don’t really hit the road until about 12 noon or later. With two small kiddos, this year was no exception. I have an unfortunate gift of being able to predict actual departure and arrival times, and we left within 20 minutes of the time I had predicted a week earlier… much after the crack of dawn. But our trip out to Saline Valley is not just about getting to the destination. The journey is also part of the adventure.

Once we finally had all of our gear, and clothes, and food, and kids, and selves packed into the pickup, we set out on our journey. The first day took us to Bishop, where we spent the night at a friend’s house, and had a great breakfast the next morning at our new favorite stop, the Great Basin Bakery. Besides for breakfast and car snacks, we also added generously to our already generous cookie stash. From Bishop we drove the last long bit into the desert.

Our friends Alex and Genessa came out a day or two after us, followed shortly there after by wedding clients turned friends, Carli and Mark, and their son Thad. We had a great crew this year. My sister and her pooch also shared camp with us. The weather was beautiful and the water was warm. We ate, drank, laughed, hiked, soaked, ate, ate some more, and hung out in the desert for 10 or so days. Good times!

This year’s image collection is a little sparse and kid focussed. Having a 2 year old and a 6 month old will do that. Anyway, here some pics. Enjoy!

saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0001.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0002.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0003.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0004.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0005.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0006.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0007.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0008.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0009.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0010.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0011.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0012.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0013.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0014.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0015.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0016.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0017.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0018.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0019.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0020.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0021.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0022.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0023.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0024.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0025.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0026.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0027.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0028.JPG saline_valley_warm_springs_thanksgiving0029.JPG

  • Parvati Grais - what beautiful photographs. thank you.December 21, 2012 – 10:42 am

  • Laurel Bernstein - Beautiful children! And I know Sky would be so envious of that boss camping set-up.January 18, 2013 – 11:35 am

  • Heather Ripley - Love the color of the images. You are a master Gabriel.January 29, 2013 – 1:01 pm

  • Genevieve - Is that a filing cabinet holding up your stove?March 4, 2013 – 8:56 pm

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