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Thanksgiving | Saline Valley Photography

I am finally getting around to posting pictures from my yearly epic adventure to Death Valley. This year it was made all the more epic by making the trek with my then 4 month old son. We took him on his first camping trip when he was 10 days old. Breaking him in young in hopes that he will share our love of the outdoors, music, good food, and adventure. This year was unusually cold in Saline Valley. The weather is typically wonderful for Thanksgiving. Despite the cold and wind, we had a fantastic camp, ate lots of yummy food, and generally had a rockin’ good time.

Saline_valley_pics.jpg death_valley_photography.jpg Saline_valley_photography.jpg death_valley_photography8.jpg death_valley_photography2.jpg    death_valley_photography3.jpg death_valley_photography4.jpg death_valley_photography5.jpg death_valley_photography6.jpg   death_valley_photography9.jpg death_valley_photography10.jpg death_valley_photography12.jpg death_valley_photography13.jpg death_valley_photography14.jpg death_valley_photography15.jpg death_valley_photography16.jpg death_valley_photography17.jpg death_valley_photography18.jpg death_valley_photography19.jpg death_valley_photography20.jpg death_valley_photography21.jpg death_valley_photography22.jpg death_valley_photography27.jpg death_valley_photography23.jpg death_valley_photography24.jpg death_valley_photography25.jpg death_valley_photography26.jpg Saline_valley_photography3.jpg death_valley_photography11.jpg   Saline_valley_photography2.jpg   Saline_valley_pics2.jpg   Saline_valley_pics3.jpg

  • Timothy - Great captures. Lensbaby on the first couple shots? The portraits work great as a documentary of the trek.March 2, 2011 – 9:23 pm

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