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Thus far I have pretty much committed my blog to posts of work that I have done for clients. As a plod along on my daily walk of life, I have come to realize that I work with a lot of really cool people. I know that people planning their weddings often times feel overwhelmed by the choices out there, and finding good people can sometimes be a struggle. So, when I work with someone who I think is great, I will try to give them a mention on my blog. I will only write about people who I have worked with and who I really honestly like.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Patricia Kim of Fourteen-Forty (, a design and letterpress studio in New York. Patricia did the invitations and printed material for Sarah and Jason’s wedding. She contacted me after the wedding, and asked if she could use some images I had taken of her work. I asked her if she would be interested in printing my business cards (which had been designed over a year earlier). We worked out a partial trade, which I love. I sent her prints and she made me some awesome business cards.

She was super helpful in the process, and helped me pick out paper thickness and color, print color, and gave me her thoughts on type placement and dimensions of the card. And they turned out great. I asked her to write a little blurb about herself. Here it is, “From the moment I ran a press for the first time, I loved every aspect of it. It’s a process that is driven by hand from start to finish, which suits me just fine! I’m always finding new inspiration to bring to the press from everything around me – living in New York City, a place so full of historical architecture and cultural life, it’s hard not to see beautiful details in every corner of every street. I use that inspiration to design whimsical and vintage-style pieces that reflect my love of well-worn and well-loved items with a past. I’m a DIY girl through and through and I hope to share that passion and enthusiasm for all things handmade with my clients and friends.”

If you want to contact her, her email is [email protected].

Here are a couple of shots of my new business card (they came wrapped like little parcels from the trading post):

ptricia-kim-fourteen-forty-nyc.jpg ptricia-kim-fourteen-forty-nyc2.jpg ptricia-kim-fourteen-forty-nyc3.jpg ptricia-kim-fourteen-forty-nyc4.jpg

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