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Whitney + Nich | Oakland | Oakland Engagement

I had a two shoot Sunday this week. Whitney and Nich were my first adventurous couple. They met me in Oakland at 8am – they were well dressed, and ready to roll. Our first stop was Jack London Square where vendors were setting up for the farmer’s market. We walked around, grabbed a massive cinnamon roll, and cruised over to Blue Bottle Coffee for a cup of goodness. From there we went over to Brown Sugar Kitchen to try and get some grub for breakfast, but the hour and a half wait to get seated was just too much for us. So, to round out our culinary/ photographic tour, we went to Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe where we were seated and served promptly. Whitney and Nich were delightful to work with, and left me with a jar of homemade jam. Here are some picture.

whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0001.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0002.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0003.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0004.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0005.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0006.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0007.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0008.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0009.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0010.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0011.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0012.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0013.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0014.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0015.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0016.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0017.JPG whitney-nich-oakland-engement-session0018.JPG

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