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An Epic Adventure. Saline Valley Wedding. Part 2.

In the months/ weeks/ days leading up to the day of our wedding celebration, Loretta and I had good intentions of working on what we would say to one another and how we would structure our ceremony.  Before we left for our desert camping wedding adventure we chatted with people and did a bit of research.  But life is busy with two kids, and homeschooling, and work, and planning wedding stuff, and we came to realize that it might be best to sort it out in the days preceding the wedding when were out in the tranquility of the desert.  Once we got to Saline Valley, our full lives kept being full.  We had some great talks soaking in the tubs and discussions while sitting in the shade of the van, and in the end, it came together from bits of many conversations and experiences and solidified at last minute into a somewhat cohesive whole idea.  We scouted wedding ceremony spots the day before the wedding with our good friend and officiant, Alex, and wrote a rough draft of our ceremony.  We finished our final draft about 15 minutes before the ceremony began.  What we wanted most was to celebrate love in the desert with lots of food and kids and hot spring soaking with some of our favorite people in the world.  The journey into and the experiences of being in Saline Valley acted as a great basis for the story of our love and relationship.

On the day of our wedding, the fighter jets which normally are quiet on the weekends, gave us an incredible show, making several low passes over our camp.  Loretta’s niece and friend did the bouquet and boutonnieres, and her sister, Andrea, did her makeup.  Her sister, Alanna, took charge of making sure all the carnitas and other food was heated up, laid out, and ready to eat once we finished the ceremony.  Julia (another sister) and her boyfriend Dillon put on a great firework display.  Everyone pitched in where they could.  It was a true community wedding.

The images below are mostly Hardy Wilson’s.  Noel Spirandelli has a few sprinkled in and there are a few other contributors as well.  I took a handful of the pre wedding images.

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  • Theresa - Congratulations Gabriel and Loretta!! Clark and I were just catching up on your blog. Such amazing pictures! All the best and cheers to amazing adventures together! Clark, Theresa and ZaraJanuary 28, 2016 – 11:49 pm

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