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Radonich Ranch is a great, medium sized, out of the way (but not too far out of the way), venue with style and character in the Santa Cruz / Los Gatos Mountains. It is run by great people, and is a pleasure to work at. Krystal and David… they are two easy going, laugh a lot, beer loving people. Their wedding was a delightful affair. Much Pliny the Elder was consumed, stories exchanged, dancing, and laughter had by all.

I met Seth some years ago. We have a mutual friend who put us in touch. I called Seth to talk about sign painting and design stuff, invited him over for dinner, and then wondered what the hell I was doing. I told my wife that I had just invited a guy who I had never met over for dinner because, well, he seemed like someone I would want to know. Sometimes you have to trust your gut. Seth is one solid dude and that dinner was a blast. I feel stoked to know Seth and was pleased when he told me he had met a lady he wanted to marry. Cassandra, or Cass as she prefers to be called, is one of the nicest people I know. Seriously so thoughtful, full of smiles, and kind. These two wonderful people have opened a vintage shop and spend their time finding cool old shit (one of my favorite past times) to stock their store. If you are in Oakland, check out their shop, Gold and Rust, on Piedmont Ave.

Their wedding at the Big Table Ranch in Coulterville, CA… just outside of Yosemite, was a whole lot of fun. Full of color, family and friends (and dogs), outside of this sweet old timey town, these two married each other. Congrats Cass and Seth!