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The sounds of crashing waves and wind, old Victorians made of the redwood trees that surround them, warm bakeries filled with locals, rolling hills and winding roads; Mendocino leaves one feeling recharged, at peace, and contented.  Amanda and Dylan’s wedding at Spring Ranch (a sister property to the SSS Ranch) was beautiful, and so fun.  Amanda and Dylan were full of humor and so easy to work with.  When the videographers got their Prius stuck in the parking lot, we rallied a group of guests to push it out.  The sky was epic the day and night of the wedding, the food was excellent, and I had the great pleasure of working with Madeline Hurst from Fern Foot Events.  So much goodness all around.

Like many of the couples I work with, Shira and Spencer have been together for a good bit of time (10 years or so).  They wanted a rockin’ party wedding and had pre ceremony libations, an extended cocktail hour, and finger food dinner with no formal sit down meal to ensure a dance party that would not quit.  They started out their dance party at the Golden Gate Club at about 100% and continued strong through the end of the night.  The Presidio makes for a pretty great wedding spot.  There are multiple wedding venues, hotels, and epic spots for pictures close by.

It was a moody, partially cloudy day, filled with happy, chill people, partying it up on the family farm in Litchfield, NY (outside of Utica in the middle of New York State).  Corn fields, grain silos, and Fireball jello shots were in no short supply.  Rachel and Kevin’s wedding was fun, personal, and unpretentious.  On Friday they had a welcome party, Saturday was the big event, and Sunday they did a tour of the family dairy farm.  They employed a school bus to shuttle people from the hotel in Utica to the farm.  A neighbor put on a legit firework display later on in the evening of the wedding day.  And Rachel showed her awesome off road driving skills when we took off at the end of cocktail hour for some pics in the golden rod and corn fields.  I had such a blast with these two great people.