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Erin + Seth = Engaged!

As I pulled up to Tartine I saw this guys wearing sunglasses with Elvis chops glued to the side. This has got to be our guy I thought. “Killer chops,” I exclaimed to Loretta. And, yes indeed, the guy with the killer chops and sitting next to the lovely lady with the big smile were our subjects for the day. We had a great San Francisco adventure. Hit up the Pirate Store, an Indian Pizza place, a slide in Bernal Heights, and a great bar with down home back yard seating. If you get a chance you should check out Seth’s blog – he and Erin won free pizza for a year from their neighborhood pizza joint in Austin, TX. Anyway, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page2.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page1.jpg   san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page3.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page6.jpg san-francisco-engagement-vert-Page2.jpg   san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page4.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page5.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page7.jpg   san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page8.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page9.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page10.jpg san-francisco-engagement-vert-Page1.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page11.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page12.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page13.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page14.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page16.jpg san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page15.jpg    san-francisco-engagement-horizontal-Page17.jpg     

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