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Erin + Seth = Married!

Erin and Seth’s wedding rocked! The property in Carmel, Holly Farm, where the whole thing went down was beyond amazing. The staff there was so chill and friendly and family, I was in awe. And Seth and Erin were wonderful. Both they and their guests got down on the dance floor in a serious way. It is not often that I see wedding goers literally drenched in sweat from dancing so hard. With help from my amazing partner in crime, Mr. Hardy, we took a record number of pictures. “Photo booth” area was in effect. Wonderful wonderful – all of it. Here are some pictures. As Seth would say, “In love and pizza.” Enjoy!

erin-seth-wedding-hor-Page43.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page42.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page41.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page40.jpgerin-seth-wedding-vert-Page1.jpgerin-seth-wedding-vert-Page3.jpgerin-seth-wedding-vert-Page4.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page7.jpg   erin-seth-wedding-vert-Page6.jpgerin-seth-wedding-vert-Page7.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page8.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page9.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page10.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page11.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page12.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page13.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page14.jpgerin-seth-wedding-vert-Page8.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page15.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page16.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page17.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page18.jpgerin-seth-wedding-vert-Page5.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page21.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page22.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page23.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page19.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page20.jpg    erin-seth-wedding-hor-Page24.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page25.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page26.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page27.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page28.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page29.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page30.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page31.jpg  erin-seth-wedding-hor-Page33.jpgerin-seth-wedding-hor-Page34.jpgerin-seth-wedding-vert-Page9.jpg  erin-seth-wedding-hor-Page39.jpg

  • Christina Adams - I love this place… Super good shots!June 3, 2010 – 4:30 pm

  • admin - So, so awesome.June 3, 2010 – 4:49 pm

  • Tara Bodin - These are stunning… Love the light and color in the first shots… Simply deliciousJune 4, 2010 – 5:26 pm

  • Samantha Darr, soireebliss! events - WOW!!! This is certainly a fabulously unique couple. It looks like it was a rockin good time!!June 23, 2010 – 8:41 pm

  • Food Insurance - I love the henna art. That is probably one of the prettiest designs I’ve seen.October 25, 2010 – 2:17 pm

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