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Natalie + Ron | Oakland, CA | City Hall Wedding

Working with great people is one of the things that makes wedding photography enjoyable for me.  There are lots of other things that I enjoy about photographing weddings, but being around great people is a big one.  I recently had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of a local florist – Natalie from Belle Flower.  Natalie and her now husband Ron wanted to do something mellow, small, and personal.  Natalie and Ron live in Oakland.  They decided that Oakland would be a great place to get married.  On a Wednesday, along with a small group of friends and family, they went to the Alameda County Clerk‘s Office in downtown Oakland and got married.  Just like that.  Ron wore a cool vintage suit, and Natalie wore a sweet blue dress.  After the ceremony, the small group progressed over to Cato’s Ale House on Piedmont Ave. for drinks and food.  They did not do a buy out of the ale house, they just reserved some tables and showed up.  The whole day was fantastically mellow and perfect for these two wonderful people.

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