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Priya + Eli | Sonoma | Ramekins Culinary School Wedding

Priya and Eli had a rather non traditional wedding. There was no first dance, or cake cutting, or wedding party…. and they got ready in the same room together. Now for those out there that thinks that this is crazy – I am here to say, it ain’t so crazy. And I was so stoked to be apart of Priya and Eli’s celebration. Their friends and family had a great time, and Priya and Eli threw the type of party that they wanted to throw. Gold star guys. On a side note, Ramekins Culinary School has some fantastic art on their walls. One of my favorites depicts some bakers in boxers and tank tops making bread. This is a scene that brought me back to the time I spent in Italy and would see men baking treats at 2am at the bakery that was opened from 10pm-10am. I would push my way in to the crowded bakery for a late night snack and wonder at the jovial bakers in the back. Anyway, congrats Priya and Eli! Here are some pics. Enjoy!

Indian-Wedding-Sonoma30.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma11.jpg Ramekin-culinary-school-indian-wedding.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma2.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma3.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma4.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma5.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma6.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma7.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma8.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma9.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma10.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma12.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma16.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma17.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma18.jpg Ramekin-culinary-school-indian-wedding3.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma19.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma20.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma21.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma22.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma23.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma24.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma25.jpg Ramekin-culinary-school-indian-wedding4.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma15.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma26.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma13.jpg Ramekin-culinary-school-indian-wedding2.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma14.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma27.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma28.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma29.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma31.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma32.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma33.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma34.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma35.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma36.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma37.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma38.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma39.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma40.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma41.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma42.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma43.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma44.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma45.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma46.jpg Indian-Wedding-Sonoma47.jpg

Mad beats produced by Dj Jeremy Productions

Event Coordination by Kelly and Company Events

Flowers by Tesoro Flowers


  • Susan da Ponte - Beautiful Pictures! Congratulations again to you both 🙂March 19, 2013 – 9:35 am

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