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Sarah and Liam | Oakland Photographer| Pizzaiolo Wedding

I love it when couples, at that moment when they are first standing together in front of the congregation of friends, family, and loved ones, are so overcome with love and excitement that they steal a kiss before the ceremony has begun. Sarah and Liam were these people on their wedding day (well, to be honest, I think it was Liam who did the kiss stealing). There was so much grinning at this wedding that my cheeks hurt just thinking of it.

The food and environment at Pizzaiolo demand a certain degree of chillness. The cocktail “hour” melts into dinner, which courses on for a leisurely amount of time, there are speeches and toasts and then lots of killer deserts and then people dance and continue to eat and drink. The weddings I have shot at Pizzaiolo have never adhere to tight timelines, and have ample time committed to drinking, eating, and talking with friends and family. This is not surprising, but I am somehow surprised by it each time I shoot there.

Hardy and I ended up staying to the end of the night… which was sort of unplanned. We got locked into the ally and had to have the manager from Boot and Shoe come over to let us out. We were happy to kick back at the bar and soak in the sweetness of Sarah and Liam’s celebration.

Crimson Horticulture Rarities in the ally behind Pizzaiolo did the beautiful flowers. Their shop is super cute (no really) and the ladies who run it are wonderful.

Here are some pics. Enjoy!

pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0045.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0001.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0002.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0004.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0006.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0010.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0012.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0013.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0014.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0015.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0016.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0017.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0019.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0022.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0023.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0024.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0028.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0031.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0032.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0035.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0036.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0037.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0041.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0043.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0047.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0049.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0051.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0052.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0054.JPG pizzaiolo-wedding-photographer-sarah-liam0055.JPG

  • Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Beautiful photos! I love your black and white shots especially.October 31, 2012 – 12:55 pm

  • sarah - Thank you again for capturing our day so beautifully, Gabriel!January 17, 2013 – 12:23 pm

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