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The Brazilian Room, or as I like to call it The Brazil Room, is funny venue.  Their fees are quite reasonable, it is beautifully placed in Tilden Park, it is close to cool other places, and is picturesque itself.  It is spitting distance from the Regional Parks Botanical Gardens (no fee to enter), the Redwood Valley Railway steam trains, epic views of the Bay on Grizzly Peak, and so much more.  The funny thing about this venue is that they pack in a lot of weddings.  Typically they will do 2 weddings a day on Saturdays, which means that your wedding will be first thing in the morning, or that you will be setting up for your evening wedding as the morning wedding is just leaving.  You can opt to book the whole day, but is seems that most people choose to just book one of the 7 hour slots.  The quick turn around also means that you pretty much have to use a caterer from their short list of approved people.  Over the years, I have shot at the Brazil Room a couple times, but in 2016 I was fortunate enough to photograph 5 weddings there.  I have decided to do a mash up and show a few highlights from these weddings in one post.

Sandra + Mime – February 27, 2016

Sarah + Liron – April 3rd, 2016

 Mahvish + Zeeshan – April 30th, 2016

Keeley + Michael – June 26th, 2016 (Ceremony was held at the Botanical Gardens)

Melissa + Dan – July 2nd, 2016

Outdoorsy, fun, adventurous, crafty, DYI wonderfulness.  Karen and Fernando’s wedding was an all out community event.  Kneeling barefoot on the kitchen floor of a rental house making bouquets at 8am on the morning of her wedding, Karen looked up and welcomed me when I came in through the front door.  Karen and Fernando brought so much fun, personality, and love to their celebration.  After the ceremony at the Mather Redwood Grove in the UC Botanical Garden, guests went over to the Brazilian Room for pancakes, waffles, and breakfast yummies.  The donut bar was set up a few hours later.  Homemade Sangria flowed freely.  There were home made lawn games on the grass in front of the Brazilian Room.  When I asked Fernando how he had met Karen, he said, “We met during Karen’s 22nd birthday. Mutual friends  invited me and I ate all her pizza and cut my hand open trying to be cool and break the bottom of a beer bottle. The next day we all went to sushi. Afterward we kept in touch through AIM.”  Good stuff.  Stoked that these two are moving back to California.


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