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If riding a tandem bicycle from Mexico to Canada isn’t a true test of a relationship, I don’t know what is?  Claire and Dane did just that before getting married.  Once they recovered from their ride (it took a little while), this bike riding, bread making, crafty couple threw a multi day party at Dawn Ranch in Guernville.  Oysters, cute kids, and lots of laughter were in no short supply.  One of the cool things about Dawn Ranch is that there are a bunch of little cottages onsite, so you can pretty much have everyone you invite stay on property with you.  Congrats you two!



Headed out last weekend to Dawn Ranch Lodge in beautiful Guerneville, CA for Janice and Mike’s wedding. Janice and I have both worked on the Discarded to Divine fashion show over the years. She is an awesome designer! It was so great to see the little design touches that she and Mike added in to the wedding celebration. Here are a couple pictures from the day. Enjoy!

guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge20.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge2.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge3.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge4.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge5.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge6.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge7.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer2.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge9.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge10.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer3.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge14.jpg  guerneville-wedding-photographer7.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge17.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge21.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge22.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge15.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge24.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge25.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge26.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge29.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge31.jpg guerneville-wedding-photographer-dawn-ranch-lodge34.jpg