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Well dang nabit, I am late to the “sum up your 2013” game.  But I figure as long as January is still here, I am good to go.  My 2013 was pretty great I have to say.

In high school, I was always last out of the starting blocks when I ran the 100 yard dash, but once I was up a running, I did nothing but pick up speed.  That pretty much sums up last year for me.  Slow start – strong finish.

I pushed myself to try new things and continue to grow my art and get more artsy.  I made an effort to get out and connect with other people in the photography world.  I tried to shoot more for myself.  I got my work published.  I laughed really hard during few toast.  I worked with fantastic people.

I really wanted to get my new years/ family card done earlier than 2012, which I am pleased to say was achieved.

The images below are a collection of 100 wedding and engagement images from last year.  I hope you enjoy them.  I sure had fun making them.

p+e=e_0038 p+e=m_0341 c+m=e_0025 c+m=m_0297 c+m=m_0422 d+j=reception_0043 d+j=reception_0072 d+j=reception_0282 e+c=m_0098 e+c=m_0267 e+c=m_0110 e+c=m_0175 e+c=m_0167 e+c=m_0190 e+c=m_0234 e+c=m_0304 highlights_2013 e+c=m_0387 e+c=m_0578 e+c=m_0776 e+c=m_0856 e+c=m_1059 h+j=m_0008 h+j=m_0059 h+j=m_0098 h+j=m_0148 h+m=m_0037 h+m=m_0426 j+s=m_0129 j+s=m_0204 j+s=m_0235 j+s=m_0296 j+s=m_0385 j+s=m_0514 j+s=m_0518 highlights_20132 j+s=m_0676 k+d=e_0007 k+d=m_0331 k+d=m_0458 k+n=e_0070 k+n=m_0041 k+n=m_0360 kc+m=m_0067 kc+m=m_0112 kc+m=m_0142 kc+m=m_0195 l+s=e_0037 l+s=e_0044 l+s=m_0071 l+s=m_0223 l+s=m_0331 l+s=m_0373 l+s=rd_0158 l+s=m_0715 l+s=rd_0021 m+d=m_0109 m+d=m_0288 m+d=m_0342 m+d=m_0371 m+d=m_0410 m+d=m_0539 m+j=e_0006 m+j=m_0088 m+j=m_0113 m+j=m_0295 n+j=m_0202 n+j=m_0476 n+j=e_0040 n+j=m_0189 n+j=m_0302 n+j=m_0314 n+j=m_0506 n+j=m_0621 n+j=m_0684 s+h=e_0028 s+h=m_0150 s+h=m_0257 s+h=m_0393 s+h=m_0524 s+h=m_0619 s+h=m_0734 s+j=e_0078 s+j=m_0098 s+j=m_0448 s+j=m_0498 s+j=m_0624 l+j=m_0216 s+p=m_0320 s+p=m_0345 s+p=m_0403 t+j=m_0042 t+j=m_0163 t+j=m_0220 t+j=m_0246 t+j=m_0450 t+j=m_0530 t+j=m_0583 t+j=m_0589 d+b=e_0010

And just like that, in one fell swoop, on Lisa and Nick’s engagement session, we hit up several of my favorite Oakland spots. We started out with some tasty beverages at the Commonwealth Cafe and Public House on Telegraph. If you haven’t been there for coffee, yummy eats, a drink, or to watch a soccer game – you are missing out. This place has it all. and since I am a sucker for a place that serves good food and drink and has great decor, we stopped off at Flora next. Cool wall paper and laughter was the theme of this shoot. From Flora we stopped at the Paramount Theater, but found it to be uninspiring during the daylight hours and quickly moved on to our final destination – the Port of Oakland. Lisa and Nick were super easy going and up for a good adventure, and we braved the winds for a beautiful view of the bay and the container loaders. I had a great time with Lisa and Nick talking about work, fun, kids, and the rest of it. I should also mention that their delightful friend, Sheila, came along for the ride, and stepped in as lighting assistant at the Port. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

oakland-engagement-flora-port0001.JPG oakland-engagement-flora-port0003.JPG oakland-engagement-flora-port0006.JPG oakland-engagement-flora-port0007.JPG oakland-engagement-flora-port0010.JPG oakland-engagement-flora-port0012.JPG oakland-engagement-flora-port0014.JPG oakland-engagement-flora-port0016.JPG oakland-engagement-flora-port0015.JPG

I don’t know why I did this. I have been to Lake Anza dozens of times. For some stupid reason, I decided to see what route google maps would take me on. Well, for the record, if you know how to get somewhere. Just go the way you know. Thankfully, my google map adventure only put me 5 minutes late for my engagement shoot with Sarah and Jason. These two were super fun to work with. They own a company that sends guys clothing that ladies pre approve. Great for the fashion uncaring man. If you are curious or secretly need some fashion help check out their site. Anyway, I met up with Sarah, Jason, and their super cute dogs. We walked around the lake, jumped a fence, took some pictures and had a good time. Check it out.

sarah-jason-lake-anza-engagement0020.JPG sarah-jason-lake-anza-engagement0002.JPG sarah-jason-lake-anza-engagement0003.JPG sarah-jason-lake-anza-engagement0005.JPG sarah-jason-lake-anza-engagement0009.JPG sarah-jason-lake-anza-engagement0013.JPG sarah-jason-lake-anza-engagement0014.JPG sarah-jason-lake-anza-engagement0016.JPG