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Mira Betz lives just down the street from me. She is an amazing belly dancer, and a wonderful artist. I cruised over to her place to hang out the day before yesterday. She is in town for a couple of days in between touring. Talk about one hard working lady. Just back from Canada, Venezuela, and I can’t keep track of all the places, she is off again tomorrow for I don’t even know where. We had a chance to catch up a bit, and I took a couple of pictures of her workshop (remember the artist bit). And then today, I went over and helped her on a fun photography project that she is working on for a friend (the rock pictures). Here are some images. Enjoy!

mira betz artist photography152 mira betz artist photography153 mira betz artist photography154 mira betz artist photography155 mira betz artist photography156 mira betz artist photography157

This weekend I photographed a close friend and amazing belly dancer, Mira Betz. She is kind of awesome. We shot mostly at my house, which is being rebuilt because it caught fire in 2007. Although it was a little tricky working in the attic, the light was great, and it was a lot of fun.

If you have the opportunity to see Mira Betz dance, do.

Some of the images here showcase one of Dark Garden Unique Corsetry’s new corset designs. Dark Garden makes amazing custom corsets. They are based in San Francisco, and make wedding dresses that are truly divine.

Enjoy the images.

mira betz dark garden portrait photography114 mira betz dark garden portrait photography115 mira betz dark garden portrait photography116 mira betz dark garden portrait photography117 mira betz dark garden portrait photography118 mira betz dark garden portrait photography119 mira betz dark garden portrait photography120