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At the ceremony the friends and family sang “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends” by the Beatles, and “I Want To Grow Old With You” from the “Wedding Singer.” Claire and Jakes wedding was kinda absurdly great. Everyone was super sweet. The venues seem to all have great views and awesome lighting. Claire and Jake were so fun and easy to work with. Their officiant got choked up during the ceremony – COME ON PEOPLE – that just doesn’t happen. Guests wore hats that rivaled those seen at the Royal Wedding. The ceremony was at the quaint, cute, and perfect (deconsecrated Catholic Church in Tiburon), Old Saint Hillary’s Church. Their reception was held at the Muir Beach Community Center which scored about a 10 on the cozy and charming scale in my book. Talk about a hidden gem. Congrats Claire and Jake! Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0001.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0002.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0003.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0004.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0006.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0007.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0008.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0009.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0011.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0012.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0013.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0014.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0015.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0016.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0017.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0018.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0019.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0020.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0021.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0022.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0023.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0027.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0029.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0030.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0032.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0036.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0037.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0039.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0043.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0044.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0049.JPG  claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0051.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0052.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0053.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0054.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0056.JPG claire-jake-muir-beach-wedding0057.JPG

Catering – Ann Walker Catering

Ceremony – Old St Hilary’s

Reception – Muir Beach Community Center

Wedding party flowers – Poppy’s Petal Works
Church flowers – Angela Alcock – only available for English country weddings to which she can wear loud hats.
Ceremony pianist – Michael Udelson
Blue grass band – Jug Town Pirates
Dessert – Kara’s cupcakes, Chantal Guillon Macarons, Batter Bakery brownies
Shuttles – Pure Luxury

Photo booth – Magbooth
Hair – David at ZipZap
Make up – Paul – Dior counter at Bloomingdales