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Life is an adventure.  Last year was full of them.  I had friends die, was introduced to new babies fresh to the world, and went on journeys that I entered into with trepidation and left feeling excited and renewed.  In my personal life and in my professional life, I tried and continue to try to be better than I was before, to focus on the stuff that counts, to be open to new things, and to get sh** done.  To share food with strangers, laughter, and being surrounded by joy is a true gift.  Thank you to all the people who choose to have me join them on their days of celebration.  Here are 100 images from last year.  Most are wedding images and a few are family portrait images.  May you enjoy your days, laugh often, and eat yummy food.

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As chance would have it, the number of close connections I have with Faith and Dan are numerous and varied.  They very much support my notion that when you do the work you love, the right people will find you.

Their wedding vision was pretty clear.  They wanted to have a weekend of fun and food (and amazing beer and wine) surrounded by their friends and family in an environment that resonated with them.  Dan and Faith are super active people.  They love to bike, run, and be in the great outdoors.  Their VW Van is awesome.

Since they spend a good amount of time around West Marin and Point Reyes Station, they decided to rent out Toby’s Feed Barn for their wedding reception.  Their ceremony was in front of the Oldest Barn on the former Giacomini Dairy Ranch a couple minutes walk from town.  The welcome dinner the night before the wedding was at the Old Point Reyes Schoolhouse with fresh Pizza from the Bovine Bakery.

On the morning of their wedding, a bunch of the guests went on a short 50 mile bike ride with Dan while another group went for a run with Faith.  I went into town with Loretta and our kids for pastries.  Later that day, while Dan was getting ready, he told me that he had a super secret surprise for everyone.  He had discovered that there was a bluegrass band playing at the Old Western Saloon across the street from the Feed Barn.  He contacted the band and asked them to come by and play for a little before their gig that night.  They sneaked over to the barn, tuned their instruments in the back, and at Dan’s signal entered and accompanied him as he sang “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers to Faith and their guests.  They played some bluegrass music too.  It was pretty profoundly sweet.  In my images, I hope to have captured a touch of the joy, fun, and awesomeness of their wedding weekend.  It was so good.

point_reyes_station_wedding001 Faith and Dan Faith and Dan point_reyes_station_wedding004 point_reyes_station_wedding006 point_reyes_station_wedding008 point_reyes_station_wedding010 point_reyes_station_wedding011 point_reyes_station_wedding012 point_reyes_station_wedding014 point_reyes_station_wedding015 point_reyes_station_wedding016 point_reyes_station_wedding018 point_reyes_station_wedding019 point_reyes_station_wedding020 point_reyes_station_wedding021 point_reyes_station_wedding022 point_reyes_station_wedding023 point_reyes_station_wedding024 point_reyes_station_wedding026 point_reyes_station_wedding028 point_reyes_station_wedding029 point_reyes_station_wedding030 point_reyes_station_wedding031 point_reyes_station_wedding032 point_reyes_station_wedding033 point_reyes_station_wedding034 point_reyes_station_wedding035 point_reyes_station_wedding036 point_reyes_station_wedding037 point_reyes_station_wedding038 point_reyes_station_wedding039 point_reyes_station_wedding040 point_reyes_station_wedding041 point_reyes_station_wedding043 point_reyes_station_wedding044 point_reyes_station_wedding045

point_reyes_station_wedding042 point_reyes_station_wedding046 point_reyes_station_wedding047 point_reyes_station_wedding048 point_reyes_station_wedding049 point_reyes_station_wedding050 point_reyes_station_wedding054 point_reyes_station_wedding055 point_reyes_station_wedding056 point_reyes_station_wedding057 point_reyes_station_wedding058 point_reyes_station_wedding059 point_reyes_station_wedding060 point_reyes_station_wedding062 point_reyes_station_wedding063 point_reyes_station_wedding064 point_reyes_station_wedding065 point_reyes_station_wedding066 point_reyes_station_wedding067 point_reyes_station_wedding068 point_reyes_station_wedding069 point_reyes_station_wedding071 point_reyes_station_wedding072 point_reyes_station_wedding075 point_reyes_station_wedding076 point_reyes_station_wedding078 point_reyes_station_wedding079 point_reyes_station_wedding080 point_reyes_station_wedding082 point_reyes_station_wedding086 point_reyes_station_wedding087 point_reyes_station_wedding088 point_reyes_station_wedding090 point_reyes_station_wedding091 point_reyes_station_wedding092 point_reyes_station_wedding093 point_reyes_station_wedding095 point_reyes_station_wedding096 point_reyes_station_wedding097 point_reyes_station_wedding098 point_reyes_station_wedding099 point_reyes_station_wedding100 point_reyes_station_wedding101 point_reyes_station_wedding102 point_reyes_station_wedding103 point_reyes_station_wedding104 point_reyes_station_wedding105