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Long tables, oysters, local cheese and seasonal fruit, hog island oysters, paella, live music, and lots of good vibes and laughter were plentiful at this delightful Point Reyes Seashore Lodge Wedding.  Morgen got ready at Smitty’s Cottage in Inverness which put us within arms reach of the iconic Point Reyes ship wreck where we took pictures before the ceremony.  The Point Reyes Seashore Lodge was a great backdrop for the outside family style dinner, reception, and dancing.

As chance would have it, the number of close connections I have with Faith and Dan are numerous and varied.  They very much support my notion that when you do the work you love, the right people will find you.

Their wedding vision was pretty clear.  They wanted to have a weekend of fun and food (and amazing beer and wine) surrounded by their friends and family in an environment that resonated with them.  Dan and Faith are super active people.  They love to bike, run, and be in the great outdoors.  Their VW Van is awesome.

Since they spend a good amount of time around West Marin and Point Reyes Station, they decided to rent out Toby’s Feed Barn for their wedding reception.  Their ceremony was in front of the Oldest Barn on the former Giacomini Dairy Ranch a couple minutes walk from town.  The welcome dinner the night before the wedding was at the Old Point Reyes Schoolhouse with fresh Pizza from the Bovine Bakery.

On the morning of their wedding, a bunch of the guests went on a short 50 mile bike ride with Dan while another group went for a run with Faith.  I went into town with Loretta and our kids for pastries.  Later that day, while Dan was getting ready, he told me that he had a super secret surprise for everyone.  He had discovered that there was a bluegrass band playing at the Old Western Saloon across the street from the Feed Barn.  He contacted the band and asked them to come by and play for a little before their gig that night.  They sneaked over to the barn, tuned their instruments in the back, and at Dan’s signal entered and accompanied him as he sang “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers to Faith and their guests.  They played some bluegrass music too.  It was pretty profoundly sweet.  In my images, I hope to have captured a touch of the joy, fun, and awesomeness of their wedding weekend.  It was so good.

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