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Life is an adventure.  Last year was full of them.  I had friends die, was introduced to new babies fresh to the world, and went on journeys that I entered into with trepidation and left feeling excited and renewed.  In my personal life and in my professional life, I tried and continue to try to be better than I was before, to focus on the stuff that counts, to be open to new things, and to get sh** done.  To share food with strangers, laughter, and being surrounded by joy is a true gift.  Thank you to all the people who choose to have me join them on their days of celebration.  Here are 100 images from last year.  Most are wedding images and a few are family portrait images.  May you enjoy your days, laugh often, and eat yummy food.

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Mara and Josh are those people who you meet and instantly feel as though you have known each other for a long time.  They are fun and easy to talk to.  Their wedding vows were personal, heartfelt, and unique.  The jovial, thoughtful, and sincere Rabbi Philip Ohriner officiated.  The last wedding I worked on with him, he told the couple, “this is not your day, do what everyone else wants you to do,” which when elaborated on made a lot of sense.  To be in Rabbi Ohriner’s presence is to be surrounded by joy, and when combined with Mara and Josh and their wonderful families, it was a winning combination of stellar people.  When it came time for speeches, Mara’s father started what seemed might be one of those well intended, but long winded and slightly embarrassing speeches.  It very quickly became clear that he knew what he was doing.  By time he finished, the entire room was standing and applauding wildly.  There were so many excellent moments at this wedding.  Stoked to have been able to join Mara, Josh, and their families on their day of celebration.

Mara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and Joshramekins wedding sonomaMara and JoshMara and Joshramekins sonoma wedding047Mara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and JoshMara and Josh

Venue: Ramekins Culinary School

Officiant: Rabbi Philip Ohriner

Event Coordination: Quintana Events

Second Shooter: My sister, Tara Bodin

For a few days before Jill and Jonathan’s wedding, I had been hearing a funny sound coming from the engine of my 2002 Honda CRV.  Loretta questioned my decision to drive it to Sonoma, but I figured a trip to the mechanics could wait until Monday.  When I arrived at Ramekins, I did a quick check of the engine and found nothing super obvious.  I unpacked my car and began shooting.

Jill and Jonathan are extremely nice people.  They have a very easy-going and pleasant way about them.  Their friends were also a pleasure to be around.  The two of them got ready in adjacent rooms at Ramekins, and we did a first look at the General’s Residence (gorgeous) right next door.  It was a hot day in Sonoma, and the pace of the day seems to laze along in tune with the temperature.  This wedding was filled with smiles, great food, and some awesome dancing.

At the end of the night I packed my car and headed out into the balmy night air.  After driving for about 20 minutes or so, I started to smell something funny.  I optimistically hoped it was something outside.  A couple of miles later I pulled into a gas station.  Smoke was slithering out from the front of the car, and I popped the hood hoping that I wasn’t about to look into the mouth of an engine fire.  As luck would have it, I had around 5 gallons of water with me so I dumped some into the smoky abyss.  I then reached inside the engine and pulled out a severed rubber belt.  I then decided to get back in my car and see if I could still drive it.  The engine started without issue, my engine temp was normal, and there were no other indicators that something was seriously wrong.  Maybe it was just the A/C belt.  I quickly realized it was more than that – I had no power steering.  Well, I figured if that was the only issue, I should be able to make it home.  I got on the freeway feeling like I was steering a ton of bricks.  A few miles down the road my battery light went on.  Ah, that belt probably powers the alternator too, I thought.  A/C, power steering, and alternator out.  No problem.  Around 10 miles down the road I noticed that my temp gauge was pushing the redline.  Problem.  I quickly pulled over, and opened the hood (again).  Within a minute or two the coolant in the engine boiled over and spilled onto the street.  That belt also ran the water pump.  I sat in my disabled car for a few minutes, weighed my options, googled the belt that had broken (the serpentine belt), and called a good friend who manages a restaurant in Oakland.  A half an hour later, I was on my way home.  I figured I could take it to the mechanic on Monday.

Thank goodness all this happened on the way home, and not on the way to Jill and Jonathan’s wedding.  So what is the lesson here?  Don’t ignore funny sounds coming from your vehicle’s engine.  Listen to your partner.  We are sometimes confronted with obstacles in life.  It is helpful to have a positive attitude and good friends.  Jill and Jonathan, may you continue to be wonderful friends to one another, surround yourselves with great people, and traverse life’s trials and tribulations with ease.




Jill and Jonathan Wedding at Ramekins Sonoma