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Life is an adventure.  Last year was full of them.  I had friends die, was introduced to new babies fresh to the world, and went on journeys that I entered into with trepidation and left feeling excited and renewed.  In my personal life and in my professional life, I tried and continue to try to be better than I was before, to focus on the stuff that counts, to be open to new things, and to get sh** done.  To share food with strangers, laughter, and being surrounded by joy is a true gift.  Thank you to all the people who choose to have me join them on their days of celebration.  Here are 100 images from last year.  Most are wedding images and a few are family portrait images.  May you enjoy your days, laugh often, and eat yummy food.

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If you know anyone getting married in the desert in Arizona, please let me know.  I was recently outside of Phoenix for the What If Conference, and was blown away by the beauty of the landscape.  I want to make pictures there.

The What If Conference really deserves its own post, but since I am a shoot from the hip sort of guy and feeling short on time, I am going to do a combo post here.  I do not consider myself a conference or workshop type (whatever that means).  I typically like to do things my own way, have an aversion to being told what to do, and feel somewhat apprehensive about doing things just because other people are doing them.  But boy am I glad that I did not let my inner voice talk me out of going to this meeting of great people.  I really didn’t know what it was about before going.  And, even after it was all said and done, I had a difficult time saying what it was about.  I can best describe it as a gathering of creative people who encouraged one another to realize their dreams and aspirations and to help one another create actionable steps to achieving that which they hoped to achieve.  If you are a creative type with unfulfilled ideas and need a little kick in the butt to bring your idea into the real world, you may want to consider checking out What If 2015.  The people I met there were genuine, talented, and inspiring.

One of the first people I met when I arrived at the airport in Phoenix for the What If Conference was Ross Tanner.  We teamed up to do a treasure hunt in the airport and had a grand old time taking pictures with strangers and searching out random objects.  I told Ross that I had recently been enamored with the illustrations on Sean Flanigan‘s (bad ass photographer) Instagram feed and website.  Ross very casually let me know that he worked closely with the illustrator and that he had designed Sean’s site.  It is amazing how small and interconnected the world is and how being open to new things can lead to unexpected positive experiences.  I met so many great people over the several days I spent at the conference.  At What If, we ate, drank, sang, helped a local community (Yarnell, AZ), talked, inspired, created, and learned with one another.

While I was making new friends, enjoying the beauty of Arizona, and having adventures at the What If Conference, my partner Loretta was at home with our two kiddos.  After a week of general snottiness and sickness, Loretta and our kids came down with a horrible stomach bug shortly after I left for Arizona.  I find it really difficult leaving my family, and it was certainly not made easier knowing that they were at home suffering with this nasty sickness.  Kuddos to Loretta for being an amazingly supportive partner and a hero of a parent.  I am constantly learning from her.  It was with some sheepishness that I informed her that upon my return home that I wanted to meet up with my new friend Ross and his buddy Fer Juaristi for a rainy day photo adventure.  With only slight hesitation, Loretta encouraged me to go.

Ross, his wife Lesya, and Fer picked me up on Mission Street in the drizzling rain.  I hopped in the back of the car with Fer and immediately felt like I was talking with a good friend.  His passion for his craft, radiant smile, and enthusiasm for life was inspiring.  Ross, who besides for doing excellent design work, is also a talented photographer.  Ross was meeting up with Fer not only to see a friend and make pictures, but also to keep up on his practice of pushing boundaries and experiencing the other side of the camera.  Ross wrote a little piece about this practice of role reversal – check it out here.

It was a whirlwind week of great people and new experiences.  I took very few pictures (too busy talking I suppose).

What If:

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San Francisco adventure with Ross, Lesya, and Fer:

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Fer Juaristi


Well dang nabit, I am late to the “sum up your 2013” game.  But I figure as long as January is still here, I am good to go.  My 2013 was pretty great I have to say.

In high school, I was always last out of the starting blocks when I ran the 100 yard dash, but once I was up a running, I did nothing but pick up speed.  That pretty much sums up last year for me.  Slow start – strong finish.

I pushed myself to try new things and continue to grow my art and get more artsy.  I made an effort to get out and connect with other people in the photography world.  I tried to shoot more for myself.  I got my work published.  I laughed really hard during few toast.  I worked with fantastic people.

I really wanted to get my new years/ family card done earlier than 2012, which I am pleased to say was achieved.

The images below are a collection of 100 wedding and engagement images from last year.  I hope you enjoy them.  I sure had fun making them.

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