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There is something magical and magnetic about the wild coast line that borders Northern California.  The fog, wind, rolling hills, wide expanse of ocean, craggy rocks, and crashing waves stimulates the imagination and has a calming effect on the body.  Reconnecting with nature and the wild feels good.  Sea Ranch has a fascinating and interesting history.  If you are interested in reading a bit about it, take a look here.  Phoebe and Ariel are both landscape architects and studied this place in college.  Phoebe vacationed at Sea Ranch as a child and felt like it would be the perfect place to have their wedding.  Sea Ranch is stunning.  The design and layout is so purposeful.  One tiny example of the thoughtful design is in the exit signs in the Sea Ranch Lodge.  The Sea Ranch Lodge the best exit signs I have seen at a venue, and I very much appreciated their lack of glow, and thoughtful design.  Super fun music at the wedding was played by Cover Me Badd.  So glad to have been able to join Phoebe and Ariel at this epic spot.

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