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Sometimes all the pieces fall into place and things just flow as they are meant to even though it feels like it isn’t going to work out the way you wanted.  Life is funny that way.  Weddings can be funny like that too.  Hayley and Sandy’s 20 person intimate family wedding in Bolinas was a fluid and harmonious collaboration, with all the players working together to make it happen.  The location of the ceremony and reception had to be changed the morning of the wedding, but by the time I arrived to take getting ready pics in the early afternoon, things had been sorted out and alternate plans solidified.  A new location had been decided upon and vendors alerted.  Hayley and I talked about the flow of the day and timeline and further sculpted the outline as I photographed her doing her own makeup.  Once we arrived at the house where the wedding was to happen, we did a first look and family pictures, and then Hayley and I walked around the property and figured out the best spot for the ceremony.  The best spot close to the house happened to be in the middle of a small street with an  epic vista.  The ceremony was brief and beautiful.  Katie Powers (one of my favorite caterers) was unfazed by the last minute changes and came through with incredible locally sourced, absurdly good, real food.  Desserts by The Bovine Bakery (another favorite of mine) were mmm mmm good.  The wind and the sea air added to the sensory feast of the day.  The Town Howlers, a local bluegrass band, provided excellent background music.  At the end of the day, though not exactly as originally planned, this tiny wedding was just right.

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