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Stunning, evocative, gorgeous – Kaisha was all of these things, and so full of joy and laughter.  Dylan was master of the dance floor – boy can that man get down.  These two so obviously inspire each other.  Their energy was great to be around.  When going over details before the wedding, I suggested that we go from the hotel in Jack London Square in Oakland where Kaisha was getting ready to the  produce packing district a few blocks away.  I had noticed a dive bar there, the Merchant Saloon (Poisoning Oakland Since 1916), a few weeks prior while picking up my weekly coffee fix at Bicycle Coffee and thought that it would be a cool place to shoot.  It turned out that Kaisha and Dylan had be thinking the same thing.  We did a “first look” and then strolled around for a bit before the ceremony taking pictures and chit chatting.  They had a blast getting high fives from the usuals at the bar and hoots and hollers of congrats from people who saw them walking around in their wedding day finery.  Their ceremony at the Jack London Aquatic Center was sweet.  Dylan ad-libbed part of his vows and brought down the house.

Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography001 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography002 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography003 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography004 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography005 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography006 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography007 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography008 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography009 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography010 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography011 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography012 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography013 kaisha_dylan_merchant_saloon_wedding Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography014 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography015 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography016 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography017 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography018 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography019 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography020 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography021 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography022 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography023 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography024 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography025 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography026 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography027 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography028 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography029 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography030 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography031 k+d=m_0275 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography033 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography034 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography035 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography036 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography037 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography038 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography039 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography040 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography041 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography042 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography043 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography044 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography045 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography046 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography047 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography048 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography049 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography050 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography051 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography052 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography053 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography054 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography055 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography056 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography057
Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography059 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography061
Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography063 Jack_london_oakland_wedding_photography064


Well dang nabit, I am late to the “sum up your 2013” game.  But I figure as long as January is still here, I am good to go.  My 2013 was pretty great I have to say.

In high school, I was always last out of the starting blocks when I ran the 100 yard dash, but once I was up a running, I did nothing but pick up speed.  That pretty much sums up last year for me.  Slow start – strong finish.

I pushed myself to try new things and continue to grow my art and get more artsy.  I made an effort to get out and connect with other people in the photography world.  I tried to shoot more for myself.  I got my work published.  I laughed really hard during few toast.  I worked with fantastic people.

I really wanted to get my new years/ family card done earlier than 2012, which I am pleased to say was achieved.

The images below are a collection of 100 wedding and engagement images from last year.  I hope you enjoy them.  I sure had fun making them.

p+e=e_0038 p+e=m_0341 c+m=e_0025 c+m=m_0297 c+m=m_0422 d+j=reception_0043 d+j=reception_0072 d+j=reception_0282 e+c=m_0098 e+c=m_0267 e+c=m_0110 e+c=m_0175 e+c=m_0167 e+c=m_0190 e+c=m_0234 e+c=m_0304 highlights_2013 e+c=m_0387 e+c=m_0578 e+c=m_0776 e+c=m_0856 e+c=m_1059 h+j=m_0008 h+j=m_0059 h+j=m_0098 h+j=m_0148 h+m=m_0037 h+m=m_0426 j+s=m_0129 j+s=m_0204 j+s=m_0235 j+s=m_0296 j+s=m_0385 j+s=m_0514 j+s=m_0518 highlights_20132 j+s=m_0676 k+d=e_0007 k+d=m_0331 k+d=m_0458 k+n=e_0070 k+n=m_0041 k+n=m_0360 kc+m=m_0067 kc+m=m_0112 kc+m=m_0142 kc+m=m_0195 l+s=e_0037 l+s=e_0044 l+s=m_0071 l+s=m_0223 l+s=m_0331 l+s=m_0373 l+s=rd_0158 l+s=m_0715 l+s=rd_0021 m+d=m_0109 m+d=m_0288 m+d=m_0342 m+d=m_0371 m+d=m_0410 m+d=m_0539 m+j=e_0006 m+j=m_0088 m+j=m_0113 m+j=m_0295 n+j=m_0202 n+j=m_0476 n+j=e_0040 n+j=m_0189 n+j=m_0302 n+j=m_0314 n+j=m_0506 n+j=m_0621 n+j=m_0684 s+h=e_0028 s+h=m_0150 s+h=m_0257 s+h=m_0393 s+h=m_0524 s+h=m_0619 s+h=m_0734 s+j=e_0078 s+j=m_0098 s+j=m_0448 s+j=m_0498 s+j=m_0624 l+j=m_0216 s+p=m_0320 s+p=m_0345 s+p=m_0403 t+j=m_0042 t+j=m_0163 t+j=m_0220 t+j=m_0246 t+j=m_0450 t+j=m_0530 t+j=m_0583 t+j=m_0589 d+b=e_0010

When Ella and Chris told me about their vintage inspired Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland themed wedding that was to be held at Ella’s grandparent’s house near Stanford University… I did the happy dance (I’m not proud).  As someone with a flair for theatrics, a love for dressing up, and an appreciation things done differently, I was so stoked to be invited to tell the story of their wedding.

And their wedding was pretty extraordinary.  Ella’s mother insisted on bee’s wax candles, which perfumed the dining area with their aroma.  Ella and her mom scoured yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores for months before their wedding and collected a miss matched and gorgeous selection of vintage plates and saucers.  The instruction to their florist from Flora Grubb, was to make the flower arrangements fun, weird, and a little creepy.  The flowers were amazing.  The appetizers, from Le Papillon, were like little pieces of art.  Lowe House Creative rocked the event coordination and made sure that everything ran smoothly.  My buddy Hardy Wilson shot the extravaganza with me and we couldn’t help but dust off some fancy pants and dashing duds for the big event.

At one point in the evening, I found myself chatting with one of the guests, and I asked him what kind of work he did.  He said he said his father was a clown (one of my secret dream jobs) and that he was training to be a clown himself.  Of course… a clown.

Once the dancing began, the energy and joy that Ella and Chris shared with their guests flowed onto the dance floor, and the celebration rolled into the night.

madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0087 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0089 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0090 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0091 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0092 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0093 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0094 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0095 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0096 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0097 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0098 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0099 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0100

madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0101 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0102 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0103 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0104 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0105 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0106 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0107 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0108 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0109 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0110 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0111 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0112 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0113 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0114






madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0120 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0121 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0125 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0124 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0123 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0122

madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0126 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0128 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0127

madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0129 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0130

madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0131 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0132 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0133 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0134 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0135 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0136 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0137 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0138 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0139 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0140 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0141 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0142

madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0143 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0144 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0145 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0146 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0147 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0148 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0149 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0150 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0151 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0152 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0153 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0154 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0155 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0156

madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0157 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0158 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0159 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0160 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0161 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0162 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0163 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0164 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0165 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0166 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0167 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0168 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0169 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0170

madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0171 madhatter_palo_alto_wedding0172