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After the Pfeiffer bridge washed out and it was clear that Bhumy and Brett’s plans for a Big Sur wedding would need to change, they very calmly embarked in a fairly last minute search for a new venue.  These two adventurous, good natured people, seemed undaunted by any obstacle.  Their intimate Indian wedding at The Mountain Terrace was delightful.  You would barely know that it was super cold that weekend from all the warmth at this wedding.  Congrats to these two mountain climbing, kayaking, adventurers.

When I first met with Nicole and Josh, they told me that their Rabbi had said to them, “this is not your wedding… you should do what other people want you to do.”  I have to admit that I was sort of taken aback by this.  Sometimes it seems like the whole wedding industry tells couples the exact opposite – it is their special day and that they should do whatever they want.  Josh and Nicole told me that after his Rabbi had told them this, that their wedding planning got much easier.  When I met the Rabbi, I asked him what he had meant.  With a jovial laugh and warm smile, he replied that a wedding is not just about the couple getting married.  It is an event that brings the community together in support of the couple and as a part of this, the couple should be open to the input of their community (he said this with much more elegance of course).

Here are some pics.  Enjoy.

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