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I have been taking a picture with my growing family for our “Holiday” / “New Years” card for three years now. We have a blast getting dressed up and creating the picture. We tried really hard to get them out by the end of the year the first year, but that didn’t seem to happen. So on year two, we decided that they would be New Years cards so that we could buy ourselves a little time – I think we had them in the mail by the end of January or February. No matter when we get the cards in the mail, when people get them, they love them. The bottom line is that the joy that your friends and family get from receiving fun pictures of you is not determined by what day of the year they are received. They are a big hit at SF General Hospital where Loretta works (her co-workers have been on her case for some time to get a copy of this year’s card). Loretta pointed out to me as I was stressing about the tardiness of our card dispersal that people love to get them whenever they arrive. It is true. There really is no “too late” to send fun pictures of yourself and your family to friends and loved ones. These are the images that we used for our Holiday, New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentine, Presidents Day, family card. In case you were wondering, I don’t have a 22 year old daughter. The young lady in the middle on the color image is Loretta’s sister (she has been living with us since Zelda was born). Enjoy.





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