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West Oakland Wood Workers

I have known Michael Mellon for a good number of years now.  We met at a dog park, our dogs loved each other, and as chance would have it he needed a wedding photographer.  His dog, Monk, is one of my favorite dogs – sensitive, silky, and full of energy.  While I was photographing Michael’s wedding in Chico, my house in West Oakland was burning.  That was a while ago.

I have bumped into Michael here and there over the years.  He is a woodworker (cabinets and furniture), and I keep meaning to go over to his shop and take some pictures.  Finally, last week, I got over there for a last minute drop in.  This is part one of what I hope will be a project that shows local craftspeople, their work spaces, and their creative process.  I plan to return to his shop and do some portraits and shots of his finished work.  You can check out some of his work through his FB Page.

west_oakland_wood_workers001 west_oakland_wood_workers002 west_oakland_wood_workers003 west_oakland_wood_workers004 west_oakland_wood_workers005 west_oakland_wood_workers006 west_oakland_wood_workers007 west_oakland_wood_workers008 west_oakland_wood_workers009 west_oakland_wood_workers010 west_oakland_wood_workers011 west_oakland_wood_workers012 west_oakland_wood_workers013 west_oakland_wood_workers014 west_oakland_wood_workers015 west_oakland_wood_workers016 west_oakland_wood_workers017 west_oakland_wood_workers018 west_oakland_wood_workers019 west_oakland_wood_workers020 west_oakland_wood_workers021 west_oakland_wood_workers022 west_oakland_wood_workers023 west_oakland_wood_workers024 west_oakland_wood_workers025 west_oakland_wood_workers026 west_oakland_wood_workers027 west_oakland_wood_workers028 west_oakland_wood_workers029 west_oakland_wood_workers030 west_oakland_wood_workers031 west_oakland_wood_workers032 west_oakland_wood_workers033

  • christina amri - awesome pics Gabriel! I still cherish the ones you took of my studio!
    such a good eye!
    christina amri- amri studioAugust 15, 2014 – 10:25 pm

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